What’s going on around here?


“Are you saying this machine can teleport me to my office instantly?” I asked, doubtful. “Not really. It will take one or two seconds, depending on network availability.” Professor Clarke replied. “And it’s safe?” “Most of the time, yes. As you know, it’s still in beta testing. That’s why we have an invitation-only approach.” “But … Continue reading Clubteleportation

The Trickster and the Influencer

What a beautiful set of abs and what a splendid smile!Such a wonderful personality should be a model for all to see.Did you think of opening an Instagram account?Your perfection could be an inspiration for the masses to follow.And my Instagram mastery course is only $19.99.

The Five-Second Rule

“Dad! Why do we have to wait five seconds before eating?” “It’s the rule, kiddo! Our roommates are clumsy, and it’s only polite to give them time to pick up their food from the floor. It’s already quite generous of them to share it with us. And we shouldn’t rush towards food anyway; it wouldn’t be … Continue reading The Five-Second Rule


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