Video of a UFO

Write Now Prompt for September 18th, 2020 – Despite all of the previous hoaxes, he was sure the latest video of a UFO hovering over the park was the real thing.  If you’d like to take part, check out Today’s Author

Despite all of the previous hoaxes, he was sure the latest video of a UFO hovering over the park was the real thing. Brigit(1) had warned him about it during their last session, and tarot cards couldn’t lie. She had also insisted that he should wait before trying to contact the aliens. According to her, he needed to work some more on his psychic abilities and he had to admit that her offer to help was at a very friendly price. 

But the student had in fact already surpassed the teacher. Powell(2) had known for years that this park was an intergalactic basting stitch in the fabric of space-time. The video was no accident, it was a standard operating procedure to signal the potential Dentors(3) that admission process had started. He felt ready. He hadn’t been born ready though. He had been training for decades now, years and years of hardships and despair. Powell had never lost faith, but had come so close so many times… he had lost count. Finally, this excruciating roller-coaster ride was over.

Almost nothing could prevent him from getting aboard that spaceship. He certainly didn’t fear the competition. Being seven feet tall, he was pretty sure to stand out. And they could test him in any manner they pleased, it won’t compare to what his trainer had put him through. The only risk was that they would refuse his request. They were going to be surprised of course, it was quite unusual for a candidate to set conditions. Yet to him it was non-negotiable. There was no way Powell would leave Brigit behind, she was the love of his life.

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(1) Brigit is real and can be found here
(2) I borrowed (stole?) Powell’s name from Lyn. Thank you! Check out her take on the prompt.
(3) Arthur Dent being obviously the very first one of them.

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