Learn how to cook and win a dinner with Jamie Oliver!

  • What should I do for a better life?
  • Learn how to cook.

There are so many upsides about learning how to cook! The list could go on forever. But, let me start with the most exciting one:

You get to buy Jamie Oliver’s books! You might think this means having books with boring covers full of still life images all over your kitchen. Absolutely not! The covers are showing this truly succulent hot Chef, always a nice view to have on one’s kitchen counter. Plus, if the results of your cooking endeavours aren’t up to your expectations, trust me, Jamie will be. No matter how you cook him, he’ll remain tender, juicy and tasty!

Dummy-proof-tip: his recipes are in a stable equilibrium. Even if you don’t have all the ingredients and read the quantities backward, the final product will -most likely- be eatable (even tasty sometimes).

What about the smell? 

Well, Jamie does smell good, though I guess that’s not what you were asking about. Yes, at the beginning some burning is to be expected. Try to avoid burning single-use plastics, that’s not good for the planet. Go for recycled ones. But once the learning curve is left behind, a straight line of delicate and comforting fragrances lies ahead, hopefully full of merry childhood memories (these oblivious times when someone else was doing the cooking for you).

Pro-tip: Learn how to cook during summer, you’ll be able to keep all the windows open for maximum airflow. And you’ll be ready for the autumn/winter season of traditional gatherings.

You get to invite Jamie Olivier home for dinner!

It’s at least true in a metaphorical way since you’re using solely his cookbooks. In case he’s not available IRL, go for your friends. First, you finally have the opportunity to return all these invitations, and it’s the polite thing to do! Second, at least one of them will show up early enough to help you with the cooking. Third, Royalty always has food tasters, isn’t your blood blue enough for that?

Pro-tip: Wait for the first guest to start cooking.
Evil-tip: Invite your one friend that does know how to cook half an hour before the rest of the party.

Manual work is deeply satisfying

Granted, manual work on, with, from Jamie Oliver might be even more so. However, while we wait for his agenda to clear up, let us enjoy creating something with our hands. Knitting and doing the dishes are famous for bringing a meditative state upon us (or maybe just a blank mind, which is already relaxing). The same effect can actually be reached by kneading the bread dough, chopping, stirring and following any other step you can think of in a recipe.

Bonus: Scientific studies show that making (or participating in the making of) something makes us more likely to appreciate it.


Should Jamie Oliver remains unavailable, learning how to cook can also be good for your dating game!

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