What happens in the shed… stays in the shed

Three years together already! Sounds short to you? Well, even French people say that Love lasts three years, at least Frederic Beigbeder does. She hates this book actually, more accurately, she hates seeing it on the shelves, showing off its cover instead of its spine like any self-respecting pile of pages bounded together. In the last months, this damn book has made her all too aware of the countdown coming to an end. Three years together, to the day, and here they are, whisper fighting in the shed at her best friend’s birthday party. It started in the kitchen, but people kept on coming for ice cubes and broccolis, continuously interrupting, so they moved out in the garden and then to the shed when it started raining.

They’ve been in there for so long now, people must think they’re having sex. That’s ludicrous, he’s always coming very fast in this kind of situation. And they all know about it. If there’s something he can’t keep any more than his tongue in his mouth, it’s his dick in his boxer shorts. That’s how she met him actually, exactly three years ago, at the very same place. 

Today’s different, there’s no highway nor expressway she will relent. It’s absolutely out of question, and obviously he’s on the same page. They’ll simply keep on arguing and die in this shed,

In a few months, when spring will be there, her best friend will come and open the shed, finding their dead bodies still exuding tension. She’s particularly witty, they can count on her thinking of a good epitaph to write on their tombstone. Something like: «They had been fighting for so long that no one remembered what they were fighting about.»

Write Now Prompt for October 9, 2020 – They had been fighting for so long that no one remembered what they were fighting about.  If you’d like to take part, check out Today’s Author

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