Etiquette School – Foie gras, Faux Pas and Kurwa

You have the looks and the money but no taste nor style? The POMF® etiquette school is for YOU!


We are of Polish and French descent with family trees going back for centuries. Not only are we fluent in protocol and good manners, they’re our mother tongues.

Are you tired of standing out from the party crowd for the wrong reasons?
With the POMF® etiquette school, you won’t learn to blend in. That’s not enough for us, we want you to shine bright. Our standards of quality make you at the centre of our and everyone else’s attention.

Thanks to our scandalous prices, we’re more flexible than a Yogi Master. Time and place are for you to choose. We have of course offices worldwide from Lisbon to Manilla, with a strong footprint in Paris and Warsaw where our roots have been growing for so long. And we’re ready to fly, sail, drive anywhere, anytime that will be convenient for you. 

We know that time is money. Our time and your money will merge and transform your horrendous and watered down personae into this special snowflake you were always meant to be. Becoming so tasteful and stylish as to inspire millions of followers is your DESTINY.

Our methodology is deeply rooted in tradition and we take from the oriental one (Akira Toriyama, Katsuhiro Otomo) as well as from the occidental (P.G. Wodehouse, Evelyn Waugh). We’re far from static and fossilised though, our dedicated research team stays tuned with the modern pulse and integrates the latest findings to our process (e.g. the Lobster tactic).

Our carefully crafted POMF® course is built around three marmorean pillars:

  1. The Foodie – Foie Gras – eating (French fries) and drinking (Polish vodka) properly.
  2. The Healthy – No more Faux Pas – standing (up and down) and riding (bikes, horses, roller coasters) with books on your head.
  3. The Naughty – Kurwa! –  where, when and how to break the rules.

Confucius said: «Eat your soup to grow up big and strong», NOW is the time for you to put some foie gras in it and learn how to use a fork, not only a spoon.

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