Where to Find Your Writing „Voice”

Let me tell you I’m a bit of an expert on the matter. I’ve watched episodes from: “The Voice”, “The Voice UK”, “The Voice of Poland”, “The Voice: La plus belle voix” and “La voz Chile”. My dog has been listening to the voice of his master for several years now. And I regularly hear voices in my head.

I’m a modern Joan of Arc! The blogger of the future past came and instructed me to share its message with all of you. Like any great advice, they come in a list.

Credit: https://unsplash.com/@jasonrosewell

Play with the words

As paradoxical as it may read, having a voice in one’s writing is a thing. I can hear you mumbling in my head: “What happened to “writing style”? Did the word fall out of fashion?” Yes, it did! Even if Bukowski wrote that “Style is the answer to everything.” In our ever so crowded word, if you want to be read (heard), you need to have a voice.

Read them out loud

Whatever your writings, read them out loud. Do it in front of a camera and become a YouTuber! Do it in front of a mic and become a podcaster. Do it in the middle of the street and become a guest in the closest asylum to your house.

Look in the shower

It’s scientifically proven, under the shower, your voice is deeper, richer, on pitch, and everything else. That’s why it should be the first place to look for your writing “voice”. Anyway, it will be an opportunity to make some of these “artsy” pictures that attract aesthete (followers) like Pepsi with Coca-Cola.

Last words

For all the unread writers out there, may you find comfort in the words of Nietzsche:
The voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps only into the most fully awakened souls.

Thanks to Zoewiezoe for the inspiration

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