Soup Recipes

Rakicevic Nenad

This is a story in the 42 Arthurian Tales series. Previous ones can be found here.

Even though the reason for the celebration was a little obscure, it had always been their favorite holiday.

It had something to do with Arthur Dent. Some said it was the anniversary of his first towel. Others mentioned the first time he had hit his left little toe; in the front right foot of his grandmother’s armchair. His rage and frustration at the time had sent a mental wave across the galaxy. It had been interpreted in all possible manners by anyone with telepathic powers. Some had made successful soup recipes out of it (the secret was in the type of towel left to brew); others had again lost their savings during the following bingo Sunday (or whatever the last day of the week was called on their planet). 

On a side note, the mentioned savings amounted to the equivalent of one latte to go from the coffee place around the corner. They had read a personal finance article the day before and had decided to give it a try at this FIRE concept. Even though they didn’t enjoy the ‘early’ part, ‘retirement’ sounded like a fun thing to do. 

On a side of a side note (think Klein bottle here), a latte is called a latte everywhere in the galaxy, even though it doesn’t always involve coffee and milk (‘not always’ as in, it never does except on one planet).

Many more interpretations are available. You can find them in The Great Book of Reasons Why the Celebration Was a Little Obscure – Including Delicious Soup Recipes.

In any case, Powell, Brigit, and Thales had always been keen on cooking soup together. That’s what you do when you’re on a real team. Someone peels the potatoes, another one cut them, and the third member (usually Thales) sits on its cloud pretending to read the recipe.

Write Now Prompt for December 18th, 2020 – Even though the reason for the celebration was a little obscure, it had always been their favorite holiday. If you’d like to take part, check out Today’s Author

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