The Five-Second Rule for Bloggers

Photo by Min An on Ready, Steady, Go! You’ve got five seconds to start writing your post. And then five seconds to keep on writing. There’s no stopping for more than five seconds. Words should keep on flowing at all times.  At all costs.  Even at the cost of hiborrle sellping makistes that would make … Continue reading The Five-Second Rule for Bloggers

Weird Chocolate Shapes My Kids Want for Easter

Gratisography’s done hiding chocolates. For Easter, we make our own chocolate shapes; it’s a family tradition. But this year, we made a mistake; we asked the kids which shape they wanted. Chocolate bitcoins Okay, that’s my fault. I’ve been talking way too much about bitcoins during family dinners. The kids got excited and said chocolate … Continue reading Weird Chocolate Shapes My Kids Want for Easter

The Trickster and the Influencer

Photo by DreamLens Production on What a beautiful set of abs and what a splendid smile!Such a wonderful personality should be a model for all to see.Did you think of opening an Instagram account?Your perfection could be an inspiration for the masses to follow.And my Instagram mastery course is only $19.99.